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My Story 4


My Story 1 was an incredible evening with world-renowned artist Paul Collins. It was a night filled with filled great food, fun, laughter, stories and amazing artwork.




My Story 2 was a very enlightening and impactful evening with Epidemiologists Dr. Abdul El-Sayed and GRAAHI Executive Director Shannon Wilson where we took a close look at the lead paint problem and its harmful impact on children and talked about lead poisoning prevention.

Damien Escobar.jpg

My Story 3 was an amazing event featuring Damien Escobar who is a renowned violinist, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, hailing from Jamaica, Queens. Mr. Escobar is considered to be one of the top violinists in the world. More that 370 people attended this event.

Mr. Escobar earlier in the day conducted an artist workshop for more than 300+ students from Gerald R. Ford Academic Center. Mr. Escobar picked several students that were provided with the opportunity to showcase their talent.


Deborah Shedrick an incredible visual artist from Montgomery, AL was invited to exhibit her artwork at My Story 3. Ms. Shedrick’s artwork is featured in major art galleries, private collections, and museums in the U.S. and abroad. The guests that attended My Story 3 were astounded by the beautiful artwork that Ms. Shedrick selected for the public to view in her major exhibition. Ms. Shedrick also had the opportunity to conduct artist demonstrations at Grand Rapids Christian High School and Union High School during her visit to Grand Rapids, MI.


Deborah Shedrick JPEG PIC File.jpg